Tours can be a great option for travelers, especially when looking to travel large distances, or if you’re going to areas that you just can’t get to on your own. I often like to travel on my own, and on my own schedule. You never know what you’re going to enjoy along the way, so I like the flexibility. But a few times I did opt for a tour group when sailing the Greek isles, and venturing through the elephants and giraffes in Kenya and Tanzania. I also like to utilize tour itineraries during my research phase to help identify the must-see and popular location of that place.

Tours have all different kinds of personalities from the long pauses at locations, to the quick stops and photo ops. Before selecting a tour, I think it is important to do your research and find out what you are excited about seeing about that place. This can help whittle down the options. And then if nothing exactly matches up, there is always to do the option of a private tour with your group only where the tour guide can create a custom adventure around what you’re looking to see – this is what I’m doing when heading to Sri Lanka in February.

Stride Travel can be a great resource when looking for a tour. They are the Expedia of tours offering pricing options for over 450 different International travel companies to just about 150 different countries and rivers.

Planning a trip? Here are some destinations on my bucket list:

I hope this help plans out your next adventure!