Finding cheap airline deals

I’m an avid traveller, and one question I always get is how can do I find the best deals on flights. There are two ways I do this.

The first is to search without a destination in mind. My friends and I just returned from a trip to Oslo, Norway and the reason we chose Norway was because we found a flight for $361 roundtrip from Boston. I use sites like kayak.com/explore or Skyscanner where you can enter your departure destination, and leave out where you want to go to!

For this particular trip, I wanted to get away for Labor Day Weekend but didn’t really know where I wanted to visit – so I entered from Boston to “anywhere” and selected my dates. These sites then provide a world map and the cost for how much it is to travel to major cities around the world. I saw the cheap deal to Oslo and booked our trip around that.

If I have a particular destination in mind, I’d recommend looking for the major airlines knowd for traveling to that city or destination, and signing up for that particular airline’s newsletters. I know it sounds obvious but I was planning a trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives so I knew Emirates was a good airline which flew to both destinations. I signed up for their newsletters and within about a month I received an amazing deal for 40% off business class if you booked within that week. Similarly, I was looking to go on a cruise to Antarctica and was signed up for Intrepid Travel’s newsletters from a previous trip, and they had a deal that if you booked that week, trips to Antarctica were 50% off.

For both of these types of deals, you have to be spontaneous because many require quick action for bookings but it creates a great opportunity to travel cheap and more often.

Happy searching!